How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor – Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

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28 Responses to How to Paint a Cherry Tree in Watercolor – Splatter Painting Trees – Paint a Tree – Sakura

  1. haru n says:


    It’s amazing!
    And it looks easy even for me to try.

  2. NetroFox productions says:

    omg this is beutiful and i lt does not look that difficult to make

  3. Soha- ender girl says:

    i hate youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  4. nina_machi 2511 says:

    no efence but you sound a lot like mater mi ya gi in karate kid luv your
    art thought

  5. HasEeb TAriQ says:

    really nice technique…:)

  6. mrshgg _ says:

    cool technique, it’s easy to understand

  7. Mami Camuñez says:

    can you do the same thing with acrilic paint as well?

  8. FangShiro says:

    I used this but with a crayon and my classmate loved it

  9. animeloverforever fan says:

    wow you’re so funny subscribed XD

  10. TheNoname1987 says:

    what kind of brush do you use?
    i tried it with my brush and it doesnt splater
    love the idea though :)

  11. Jeff&Pau says:

    I looooove this technique !!!!!

  12. Nadeem Malik says:

    omg so awsome

  13. kira says:

    I’m doing it right now :3

  14. Mystical Dimples says:

    U got a new subsciber now!

  15. 만두꽃 says:

    개이뻐… 내 취양이야❤

  16. Michelle Marie Letigio says:


  17. Aleksandra Ścibor says:

    Wow this is bello :D

  18. jade Ainsworth says:

    I love how happy you are

  19. AmvUnity says:

    is this called a specific technique besides splatter? I like doing this but
    cant find anymore like this

  20. Liw kim says:

    I can’t do it…

  21. Blueberry Chan Mixey says:

    I am subbing ;)

  22. Rahela Dolcoș says:


  23. aida derbass says:

    hiii. i loved ur technique. i tried to do it. i would like to send it to u.
    it.s my first drawing.

  24. ArtCraft ! says:


  25. Emma Alcroft says:


  26. Arlette Seniel says:

    this is so beautiful

  27. Suzy Fronkresth says:


  28. Benisse Calmleth M. Famat says:

    I love this channel. It’s my solace.

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