How to make sex better for her

But you should know that most women don't care nearly as much about penile size as they do about its stiffness and your lasting power - believe it or not, these may even be reasons to break up with you. Another good position is to get her on top of you and have her lean back slightly, sliding up and down with slow, steady strokes. A lot of guys love going down on women and would do it more often if their women let them! Look us in the eyes and really listen when we share our thoughts, feelings, desires, or just tell you about our day. In fact, when touched, our bodies release their very own cuddle chemical: Simple named 'How to Make Me Come', the blog speaks openly about how to pleasure a woman. Great Sex Tips for Her 5:

How to make sex better for her

Also, stop being too gentle when you make love. And that she hates it when you fall asleep right after making love, before some basic afterplay like cuddling and kissing. Here are some of the top sex tips shared on the blog: Or whatever works for you! If you really want to drive women wild, then you should learn how to last over an hour in bed. Nothing is more masculine than taking the lead and showing that you know what you want and don't hesitate to go for it. She can't guess what's, um, coming next — but once it does, she won't want you to stop! Studies done at the University of Texas in Austin show that adrenaline increases sexual attraction — especially during extreme dates such as a riding a roller coaster, skydiving, rock climbing, or watching a scary movie. And to some extent this is not a bad thing … you do want to give her sexual pleasure and orgasms. She might even start entertaining the idea of looking somewhere else. While size is usually more of an issue in your mind most men fret over the size of their organ , it can be a problem. A new position can honestly feel great! Great Sex Tips for Her 4: This is a conveniently downloadable multimedia program designed by Lloyd Lester, the expert behind several programs for men providing proven tips and advice for a transformative sex life. What Women Want in Bed is a Satisfying Sexual Performance Do you sometimes lose sleep over your performance in bed - even worry that being unfulfilled sexually she might leave you? And, of course, there are days that help it feel great and spice things up, too. This couple's vibrator can actually be worn during P in the V intercourse. Women want to be taken, to be ravished. Many women think they are deformed down there, and hold back out of fear of being abnormal or undesirable. You use your Kegel muscles the ones on the wall of vagina. There is no secret. What Women Want in Bed is to Be Led without Inhibitions She wants you to take the lead and hold the space for her to surrender to your enjoying her. Carry that through to the bedroom by creating a romantic environment at home. Share Shares From interviewing beautiful women for the Sex God Method and from talking with female friends informally, I know there are a few things which almost EVERY woman wishes men did more of in bed. Our egos get in the way, and we like to think that we know it all even if our sex lives could use a lot of improvement.

How to make sex better for her

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    Instead of thrusting all the way out and all the way in, then, try for part of making love to get him as deep as possible and and thrust only a little bit, so that the pressure is quite intense all the time. Think of it like bringing a big pot of water to a boil with slow steady heat.


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