how to make painters reference files and quick watercolor pencil carnations

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  1. Autumn Moon says:

    helped me a lot thanks

  2. UknowhoLavulo says:

    what type and size of brush did you use here?  i always try to take notes on your brushes since i have no clue!  🙂  beginner, thank you, love all your videos!

  3. Deb C says:

    very pretty

  4. Jeremy Keyes says:

    I like what you do

  5. Angie Marie says:

    This was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I love your energy!

  6. Multicrafter1 says:

    Loving to garden, do flower beds, trees & shrubs, I have a large collection of resource books with illustrations & photos I can use. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  7. Christine Purdy says:

    Love your video’s Lindsay!!! I just wanted you to know I think what you do is just awesome!!!

  8. Ana Jailal says:

    You are freakin’ good!! I wish I was that good! Thank you for your videos. They have inspired me to get back into my arts and crafts! Keep up the good work! You’re awesome!

  9. Sheila Mancini says:

    What is the brand name of these pencils?

  10. Autumness says:

    your stuuuuudio is aweeeosome!!!! :O :OJust subscribed!
    I’m going to paint this for my mom :3

  11. Louise Collison says:

    Hi Lindsay! I’ve just subscribed to your youtube clips! I love the way you approach your art work and your personality is so refreshing. Just wanted you to know how much you’ve influenced me both in my paintings and in me being more relaxed with art. I was always so worried about copying photos because of copyright laws but to hear you say it’s okay has reassured me to know I can copy photos to learn technique and understand shapes. So thank you for making me feel better about that. I just bought some cheap watercolour pencils like a $5 box of 24 colours to experiment with and will be giving this painting a go! Thank you for doing these tutorials for us! You’re an angel! Absolutely love this one! I love all your works! So big thumbs up!

  12. Mary Soto says:

    Great idea, I used to do that just for things I could not afford. I just stated waste colors, so now I can do that. Thanks. Miss bubbly. I am a subscriber. Keep it up. .

  13. ann gorgone says:

    I like your videos, but…..

  14. Bille Summers says:

    hi Lindsey
    I am new back into painting and drawing. I really appreciate your videos. you are uplifting and inspiring. I am a nurse ,bit my passion is art.
    God bless

  15. Danielle Roberts says:

    You are amazing! What paper are you using? I LOVE your videos.

  16. Jane Mulraney says:

    Hi Lindsey, I often paint my pictures from the internet where you click on images. I have only ever given friends and family my pictures. So does this mean I am fine because I am not actually selling them ? I did once see a painting somlovely in an antique shop, I took a photo of it with the intention of going back to buy it when I saved enough cash, and I wanted to remember which floor it was on. Sadly it had sold . But using the photo I painted it and am really pleased with the result, which I am keeping as it was something I fell in love with. is that ok seeing as I am not going to sell it. Thanks for being such a great teacher.

  17. Katherine Sullivan says:

    lol. Decaf!

  18. GracieShackArt shack says:

    Very helpful this video as always will you be doing another Mini flower Paintings soon? I really enjoyed those tutorials all your shows are great too. Taking a break and with my cup of tea and watching some of the tutorials I might not have seen 🙂
    which can’t be many haha!
    I hoping it okay to post comments I am so passionate about Art!
    something new from your Teaching too!
    The Derwent are my favourite brand and reeves very reliable and so wonderful they don’t break easily.
    the fur
    My third tea this morning! LOL 😀
    Watercolour is my favourite Medium, cause mainly it’s flows very well and I like the way it always surprises me.
    What Set of Ink-tense would you recommend an Artist?-Thanks!
    Beautiful flower! what was the name of those blank cards again? I forgot. Derwent ink-tense are so pretty colours! perfect for flowers, I like pencils marks don’t bother me!
    Have a nice Week! also.

  19. RanZ M. says:

    I love this painting, I so want those pencils now, I have some prismacolor but the color isn’t that intense, just subscribed

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