How to make a PORTFOLIO Tips for artists SELLING ARTWORK Tutorial ART BOOK by RAEART

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24 Responses to How to make a PORTFOLIO Tips for artists SELLING ARTWORK Tutorial ART BOOK by RAEART

  1. Niteblub says:

    great stuff!

  2. BaoLinhA says:

    This actually helps me so much; I’ll be apply to an fine arts university next year and I need to put a portfolio together for an application interview. Thanks for the phenomenal video!

  3. Michu Chi says:

    I thought showing an A1 portfolio would be best or does this apply for University only? And so your A4 portfolio (in this video) is only for galleries and exhibitions?
    I am starting my portfolio tomorrow btw. 🙂

  4. Philip McMurray says:

    So weird you put this up was just asked today to put together a portfolio to
    This really helped out lots !!
    love from ireland <3

  5. DrawingsByDerek says:

    Really nice portfolio and great tips! Great job!

  6. judyCrayonmaster says:

    I was very surprised to see this kind of video come up on my subscription feed. This is a great introduction to portfolios and has some great tips. Thanks for putting time and consideration into a video that will benefit many artists. Definitely worth watching!

  7. Shedz Channel says:

    nice portfolio darryn.
    looks like it could use a lil updating….some of the pages looked a bit grubby.
    shows how long you bin doing it though huh
    cheers m8

  8. Lucky Graffiti says:

    Muy Bien, Amigo! 🙂

  9. Slava Komisaroff says:

    good portfolio!

  10. DrawingsByDerek says:

    @raeart I just have one question, was there any special program that you used to get all of the thumbnails onto one page (paint, photoshop, etc..)?

  11. DrawingsByDerek says:

    @raeart ok, thank you

  12. Flexmeister says:

    How about doing an online portfolio?

  13. Michu Chi says:

    @raeart Oh I see 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your portfolio!

  14. Doodels1337 says:

    how about picking up the phone
    also nice work

  15. whitney m says:

    AMAZING Work

  16. Anni says:

    I have to whip out a portfolio to apply for art schools. Sucks I don’t have that much to show yet.
    Thanks for the video anyway.

  17. ssdd191 says:

    what program did you use to organize your photos so precisely?

  18. radiopepsi says:

    2 min add to watch a 3 min vid….

  19. Simply wild and free says:

    Where did you get that binder from? Great video by the way 🙂

  20. Mark Rivenbark says:

    Thanks for sharing! Nice work

  21. Apollo Beta says:

    so do you just take a picture of your art with a camera? ive been having a hard time taking pics of my art. it just never looks the same.

  22. Troy Stoudemire says:

    damn. it goes to before i was born. nice art

  23. Tsearra rex says:

    would a portfolio like this work for showcasing it to possible art schools?

  24. MidoTV Adventure says:

    Hey i have an important question, How do you take the photos ”thumbnails” of the art on Canvas ?? this is has been confusing me A LOT!!! AND GREAT portfolio btw salute from Abu Dhabi.

    – Is it ”Ok” to date painting all for the same year for example 12 paintings all made in 2016 is that ok ? or should i find some old paintings ?? as if ”Oh where is you OLD work etc ” u know. ^^

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