How To Make A Living As An Artist (Tips and Tricks)

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  1. Rautakello says:

    I just don’t see how I could raise my commission prices. It all comes from
    the community around commission artists. 60 dollars for 20 to 30 hours of
    work is just painful, but I look over to an artist friend who is vastly
    superior to me asking for even less. It almost makes me want to cry.

    Is it better to just raise prices to a level where my work actually feels
    like it’s being compensated even if it’ll drive off most of my customers.
    Should I not even bother if my effort is not being compensated properly?

  2. Z E E R U S says:

    can art get me laid, i want some sweet sugar walls!

  3. Luca Hohler says:

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences! And it is pretty inspiring!

  4. silverriverjewelry says:

    Lots of great tips here thanks for sharing!

  5. Sevie Abbas says:

    Thank you.

  6. Vamp2004 says:

    Do you think having a bunch of profiles on various social media sites
    beneficial? There isn’t much work in my local area for art at all, most is
    factory or retail stores, so a vast majority of my work is going to have to
    come from online. I’ve been on DA for about ten years now but it feels so
    cluttered that I’m kind of confused on where to focus more on. Advise?
    Great video’s by the way. I’ve watched quite a few other video’s on similar
    topics and this one seems to be the most informative.

  7. Deb Carr Studio says:

    Thank You!

  8. Fernando Teixeira says:

    Great video man! Thanks a lot really!! ;)

  9. Fufuria says:

    Thank you so much for the tips!

  10. JP Belmont says:

    Hey Taylor, thanks a lot for the great content! You have no idea how much I
    needed this info. In fact, I just purchased the course on Gumroad. Thanks
    again, see ya!

  11. bluesnow56 says:

    I went to the site gumroad to get the art Commission Doctor and i cant
    download it! D: Help!

  12. Olandes Volador says:

    Where is the art commission doctor?

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