How to get really good at oil painting

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  1. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment, i appreciate that. Thanks arkangel

  2. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks bigbong, i appreciate your kind words. Thank you and Merry

  3. wolney soria saraiva says:

    Meu caro muito instrutivo 

  4. OilPaintingWorkshop says:


  5. art purser says:

    Cool man thanx for ur tip try it out..

  6. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Hi Simon, thanks and take care.

  7. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    No problem Donovan. I just replied to your other comment as well. Take care
    and i hope you enjoy the other tips available here in my channel. Thanks 

  8. art purser says:

    your welcome u too keep painting..

  9. Naima says:

    but don’t you think this will restrict creativity.

  10. The Wayward Wanderer says:

    I’ve been doing this for years. In fact I’ve brought my paintings straight
    to the Met many times and just held it up to the masters’ paintings. The
    gap has narrowed significantly. 

  11. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience ejdf870. I hope you like my other
    videos. Thanks again and take care

  12. RLB Hartmann says:

    A most valuable tip, and much appreciated.

  13. OilPaintingWorkshop says:

    Thanks for your comment RLB. Take care

  14. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    The exact same way you get really good at anything else; practice.

  15. jamie Russell says:

    When I first saw your “Monk” painting on your website I was blown away! And
    now seeing it next to the Rembrandt it’s clear, best portrait I’ve ever
    seen, My personal favorite to date. I have always wanted to learn oil
    painting. (the one medium I have never even played with) Your work has
    inspired me to start. I will certainly be buying your course. Thank you for

  16. DD Dykman says:

    Thanks Dan great tip! Your painting is Awesome!

  17. SmoothNads says:

    outstanding style forgery . the only critique I can see is that you might
    scrumble highlights into the hair and beard . thank you for sharing your

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