How To Clean A Professional Painters Dirty Paint Brush.

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  1. Trykan360 says:


  2. punanibuzzed says:

    if my painter was dumping that dirty water into my lawn id tell him not to
    come back

  3. The Idaho Painter says:

    Obviously you do not know what you are talking about. There is nothing in
    the dirty water that is environmentally unsafe nor will it harm any plants
    or grass. I have been doing the same for 15 years. So why wouldn’t you have
    me come back? You probably should never wash you car either cause the dirty
    water just ends up in the nearby stream.

  4. The Idaho Painter says:

    Yes I do clean them in sinks, in the winter, but I make sure the sink is
    cleaner then when I began using it.

  5. The Idaho Painter says:

    I still using high quality brushes with oil based products. It takes about
    a quart to clean it. But I reuse the thinner. We just keep it in a sludge

  6. Savage_FuNgus says:

    that looks pretty good. but we clean ours in a sink in our house. same
    idea. but just wondering why he is COVERED in paint? they say your work
    probably looks like that as well !!!!

  7. The Idaho Painter says:

    Well I paint so I have paint on me. Dont have paint on you and you probably
    dont paint.

  8. cpovey1 says:

    Why? It’s water-based paint. Tints is inorganic compounds like titanium
    dioxide, just minerals. He’s actually watering the lawn. Of course, NEVER
    do this with oil-based paints. Dispose of them properly.

  9. The Idaho Painter says:

    good points

  10. broncos6412 says:

    Idahopainters really like your videos keep it up mate I’m a painter in

  11. The Idaho Painter says:

    Thanks for watching & don’t forget to “like” us and “share” us.

  12. Dia Cam says:

    Hi there, and thanks so much for your video! I just wanted to ask a
    question (pardon my ignorance.) My question is, I can’t help to think that
    smashing the bristles into the bucket like that wouldn’t be good for them
    no? Again, I have no idea it just looks like it. Talk to me – and thank

  13. The Idaho Painter says:

    It is not a problem with our brushes. Now we are not trying to crush them
    through the bucket either. Just trying to work the paint out of the
    Ferrell. Thanks for watching our videos. Don’t forget to “like” us and
    “share” us. It goes a long way to keeping our videos coming.

  14. David McClelland says:

    Water based paint goes right into the ground. I painted houses with my dad
    for over 20 yrs and sometimes we brought the stuff home to clean in the
    same spot in the backyard. The grass grew like weed and was the healthiest
    in that spot!

  15. Ferz Nator says:

    woah chris, someone need a better belt hahaha, i do same process, but i
    don’t hit the brush to the bottom of the bucket, may take a bit longer i
    think, and i spin it inside the bucket with my hands to dry them, i use a
    comb also, good video, great tips

  16. Paul Rhodes says:

    Great video on how to clean a brush! I do have a question for you Chris
    when would you do this? Do you clean them after you get back to your shop
    at the end of the day? I am sure you would not do it at the customers house
    and get paint water all over there lawn or flower bed right? Only reason I
    ask I have seen guys clean up at the the customers house and leave a mess.
    Thanks Chris for so many great videos I I have learned a ton from them

  17. Paul Rhodes says:

    Thanks for the great video! I have watched several video and you explain
    what extension, tools etc can you tell me what water hose you have found at
    home depot to be good for contractor use thank you.

  18. 737ngxsim says:

    would you use the same cleaning method for turpentine based pain? Would
    water be enough to clean them up?

  19. SublimeSati says:

    After I brush the brush out I was trained to put the hose on the end/inside
    of the brush and form an air tight circle with my hand. The pressure works
    the paint out of the ferrell(sp). Your method sure does look faster though.

  20. Rob Mcfall says:

    you gotta fold all the hairs back with water all in it and ferrel. and
    watch for paint to run down the shuck aka metal whatever. I personally
    clean my brush same method but you a stone to clean dry paint. works better
    then wire doesn’t damage hairs. also I repeat the folding of the hairs
    in-between rinses until it runs clear as drinking water. I also paint with
    a man’s brush.

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