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23 Responses to HOW TO BID A PAINTING PROJECT. Paint bid hacks.

  1. David Prosser says:

    I have been painting just over 1 1/2 years and we paint 4-5 homes per week on average. I believe there is always room to grow and become better. I just purchased your Bid Package for additional knowledge and information. I actually learned how to paint homes by watching your videos online. I live in Florida and painters were charging WAY TOO MUCH in our area, so I started a painting company where we focus on Great Work, Great Customer Service and we make it affordable for our customers. Thank you for all the great videos and sharing your knowledge.

  2. 2basyq says:

    how much do you pay your employees in idaho?

  3. Mike Flex the Arrow says:

    I estimate each gallon of paint at $75 (retail price but I get a 40 percent discount) and $40 /hour for high end jobs and $30/hr for other jobs , I work alone

  4. Scott Hawkins says:

    I am a painter in central Indiana. I appreciate your expertise and shared knowledge that you have given me through your channel. I especially like that you give me scripture to look up with each video I watch. You’re doing an amazing thing here brother. Keep up the good work and have a blessed day.

  5. slicktype001 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I always wondered what a well established painting companies contract entailed. The picture of the painting crew is fantastic! Love you guys!

  6. The Uncle Luke says:

    I constantly watch your videos. Saying that, I have never seen so many papers in a paint bid. Thanks for the info.

  7. Eric Whelan says:

    Do you charge extra labor if you apply 2 coats on an exterior paint job?

  8. Spencer Colgan says:

    Confused! I don’t understand how you do not meet with the customer: how do you look at the job if you don’t meet them? Are you looking at pictures and then giving this bid package to them without meeting them? Is one of your employees taking a look at the job and then you send them this bid package in the mail?

  9. Spencer Colgan says:

    What licenses do you have? Please explain what you mean by that

  10. Spencer Colgan says:

    This is interesting: devil’s advocate: maybe somebody doesn’t want a 20 page document. I have never seen a painting contract such as this. Do your competitors provide these? I am just wondering if some people think – hey, I am not reading this thing—has that happened to you? It sounds that it has worked out for you – but I am wondering if some of your customers would hire you without this thing. What do you think Chris? Devils advocate here – if I went to YouTube and saw Chris Berry and saw all saw your videos, I would throw this thing in the garbage and just hire you without reading that thing —-what do you think? I am I am going to venture a guess going to venture a guess: people just hire you without even reading this thing.

  11. Spencer Colgan says:

    Chris. What did you do before you became “The Idaho Painter?”

  12. Eric says:

    May i get a free copy of your bid package?

  13. Adam Coyne says:

    why dont i just call you over to my house for a bid and get that packet for free.

  14. Brad Whalen says:

    Hello Chris, do any of your document packages include the actual contract you sign with the owner? I want to purchase the correct package. Thank you, Brad Whalen, Kentucky

  15. jake humphrey says:

    have been in busy for only two years now i do alot of jobs as a sub for a larger company i have two other guys with me i had decent luck in winning bids on residentials once i watched this video i made a similar packet and has paid off for me thanks for sharing is thier any other tips you could share for someone like me that is fairly new to running my own company

  16. jason lombardi says:

    The signing off of the colors is fantastic and I love the page of the faces and the names of the crew ! Great stuff 🙂

  17. Hank Hill says:

    your smart bro and your a very great painter, and I’m sure you have a great crew that’s why you are so succesful. Hellllll yeahhhhhh.

  18. KONI AMIN says:

    hey bro went on ur sure didn’t see the download for the proposal packets

  19. B 4 says:

    great vid. Can you give some advise on how to find projects(homes to paint) to bid? Thank you.

  20. ken cole says:

    I was sniffing some paint and felt compelled to read a document about bidding paint jobs

  21. Dirty904South says:

    Hey great video! I would love to have this but I can’t afford it! I’m trying to start my business and could use this! Can you hook me up please? I’m sure we can work something out?

  22. Jim Tomlinson says:

    haha….I just send a text with the estimated cost. they can take it or leave it. all word of mouth. we’re so busy that I don’t care if it’s not as professional. but if I was needing to compete against other company’s this would be useful.

  23. nazaret says:

    picture of the crew I gotta say is just brilliant…i never consider that, great vid.

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