HOW TO ADD Textures to ACRYLIC paintings STEP BY STEP process with RAEART

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  1. Imnfewi Rose says:


  2. Mary Keaveny says:

    so much fun just watching and listening.  very funny.  thank you.

  3. Tinkertoes1000 says:

    I love all your videos you make it so easy to follow. I have been painting for awhile now but I always wonder how to add texture to my paintings…I attempted to do it once and the results was alright but this gave me enough help to do it right. So I can’t wait to add texture in my next painting!

  4. Areej Gh says:

    well …. 😀 thank you soooo much

  5. ninaleitesa says:

    I love your work and your teaching!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    From Brazil,
    Nina. =)

  6. Lisa Ramkhelawan says:

    Love it. You have so many great ideas.

  7. G-G- Gaia says:

    Wow I love that cat! I’m going to make paint a texture cat too. Thanks for the inspiration and tfs! 

  8. Katy2000 says:

    Great work of art! I love this a lot! Thank you so much!

  9. mama warrior says:

    C’mon guys…   You would make a great art teacher!!!

  10. Nouran Sakr says:

    I really thought this was bs at first but this guys is awesome!!

  11. millieloves2 says:

    What doller store?

  12. Phil Obradovich says:

    Garbage…Crap…Shit…Terrible…Gonna Click Off Of This…Wait A Minute…AMAZING!

  13. Jaime Santiago says:

    I like the fact that you use basic materials.Not everyone has money

  14. Steven Long says:

    Love it, very cool, very original.

  15. ( Έρις ) says:

    is he autistic???

  16. Andrew Curran says:

    lol! Looks like fun.

  17. Artian McYour says:

    Wouldn’t the pieces fall off after a while when using acrylic paint to glue them? Just a general question

  18. Me-Dee-Vee says:

    (‘ O ‘)/ This is fun and creative at the same time. Thanks!

  19. Myrna Pena says:


  20. Courtney L says:

    Great job! Very talented. Can you please tell me what color combination or color you used on the foil for the cats body? Love it….love the whole thing!!! Thanks!

  21. AdoptABlackCat says:

    That’s not what I meant when I searched how to ad texture

  22. MLMLW says:

    What is the difference between the soft body paint and just the regular acrylic?

  23. mar pez says:

    J’adore! Merci

  24. kiraanimerawr1 says:

    That poor canvas.

  25. Sobia Aziz says:

    waoooo very boringgg nadard otra aramda

  26. Renee Klause says:

    Definitely a Picasso look! I have tons of craft items and I think you gave me some possible ideas. Thanks!

  27. DrummerGrrrl says:

    What the hell is that thumping noise? You have somebody locked in a closet or something? You’re a serial killer/painter, right?! Fun video, though.

  28. Jeffrey Pearson says:

    I’m watching this video start to finish, not because the information is in any way relevant, but because this dude is awesome!! He’s fucking hilarious.

  29. Muhamad Mazlan Kamaruddin says:

    Is it durable? Hard to crack?

  30. Cindy Chambers says:

    Very Cool!

  31. Rhonnie Cowart Pagan says:

    Frank the Funkadelic Abstract Kat!! Badass!

  32. Miranda Anderson says:

    thats cool, like a Picasso painting,

  33. Hazel Farrell says:

    Love your work dude! So creative and fun to watch.

  34. Callie mathieu says:

    Put the 3D glasses on

  35. Ludmila Cummings says:

    Hi, love this 🙂 did you use a glue????

  36. Lauren Fougere says:

    Very cool

  37. mustangally1 says:

    “… just dump some paint on the damn thing!” I’m telling you, you totally crack me up. Plus, I’ve learned some great tips from you.Thanks. PS Liked the 3-D glasses

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