House Painting Tools For DIY Home Painters. Painting Tool Hacks.

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17 Responses to House Painting Tools For DIY Home Painters. Painting Tool Hacks.

  1. Jeff Thomas says:

    I noticed that window is just papered. Did you plastic the whole thing off
    for spraying next to it and above it? Thanks! Your videos are great!

  2. PaintTech Decorators says:

    Where online did you get the shield holder.

  3. The Idaho Painter says:

    Amazon. Thanks for watching our videos. Don’t forget to “like” us “share”
    us and “subscribe” to our channel. A few clicks helps in convincing me to
    keep making videos. Find us on Facebook “tamarackpainters” & “The Idaho
    Painter” for more tips. Check out my cycling channel and subscribe to it
    also “theidahocyclist”.

  4. jouxpane says:

    hope the eye injury didn’t keep you off the bike.

  5. The Idaho Painter says:

    No for long.

  6. Kelly Breckenridge says:

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, you made my paint project look like a
    pro did it, kinda sorta maybe

  7. The Idaho Painter says:

    Thanks for watching my videos. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.
    Find me on Facebook “tamarackpainters” & “theIdahopainter” for more tips.
    Check out my cycling channel and subscribe to it also “theidahocyclist”.

  8. Firstname Lastname says:

    Sooo…I finally sprayed my house, using a sprayer for the first time. I
    did use a shield, but I was still frustrated how much overspray I made. It
    seemed no matter how careful I was, spray either came out the sides, or
    even underneath the edge. Did three colors, so I ended up masking off
    EVERYTHING and STILL managed to get overspray in a few areas….oh well, I
    hit the overspray with some touch up paint. Not sure if it is better to
    mask off everything (which takes a HUGE amount of time), or just blow and
    go with the sprayer then come back and touch up. I’m a noob (and a boob)
    so be kind with your thoughts and guidance on the next project :-)

  9. broncos6412 says:

    Hi Chris, Amazon won’t send the kraft cardboard holder to Australia do you
    know who will?

  10. Paul Rhodes says:

    I found the holder but it doesn’t come with the stick holder where did you
    get it and how long is it thanks Chris for all the gret videos and your
    help have a great week. 

  11. Paul Rhodes says:

    Thank you for always giving such great advise I always look forward to your
    new videos. I looked everywhere at home depot for a 2.5′ pole/handle for my
    kraft shied holder and cant find one anywhere. Do you remember what
    department it was in? Was it longer and you cut it down to 2.5′? Thank you
    Chris ou have helped me in my business more than you know have a blessed

  12. cwrowe says:

    How do you use the shield & keep trigger on gun sqeezed to prevent the stop
    and go look…

  13. Meticularius says:

    Well Chris, I just got a headache searching for this tool. Amazon doesn’t
    know whether they will ever have it again. Ebay and others are out of
    stock. My partner and I each want one, so that’s two needed. Reported
    prices ranged from about $21 to $36.

  14. The Idaho Painter says:

    I also use Hyde shield holder. You can find it on my Amazon store now.

  15. graham turner says:

    I will go have a look thank you

  16. graham turner says:

    just looked at your UK tool store going to be a great help keep up the good
    work and thank you once again

  17. Allen Gumm says:

    Another helpful tutorial from Chris the Idaho Painter. Thanks, Chris!

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