Guiness record of sex

Schultz's sperm has a speed of Hmm, can you imagine what a mighty record of sex he could have set? Doug needed to replace his old sweatpants, the one with five pockets that he always wore to bed, with something more appealing. The year-old king said that he had sex with eight or ten virgins on daily basis. Would anyone of you like to beat his feat? She is known to have given birth to 69 babies, however the births and deaths of these babies are uncertain. Anybody else wondering how they ate—and peed—during that time? The longest spermatozoon is owned by Drosophila Bifurca insect. In , she'd been with people.

Guiness record of sex

Unfortunately, his magnificent attempt was thwarted by exhaustion and he only made it to number Now go measure your arm to compare. Lina Medina from Peru became the youngest mother at the age of five, when she delivered a baby boy in Should this be regarded as a curse or as a blessing? Miner Les Colley - became the oldest father, when the man was 93 years old. Every year these mice arrange a massive copulation, when the entire male population of the species copulates with numerous females. She died in , but still holds the record. Bet they could kiss for 58 hours back in the day. Who ejaculates the farthest? The year-old king said that he had sex with eight or ten virgins on daily basis. The longest sexual intercourse was performed by a couple of rattlesnakes Crotalus L. When I was around Annie in the evening, especially if I thought sex loomed and during the marathon, it would loom over everything , arousal arrived like an intern on his first day at the firm: So there you have it. Because during the s erectile dysfunctions had been treated by implants, which keep a penis permanently erect! Jacobus Sutor his pseudonyms were Dr. In , after seeing a TV news report about a couple married for 75 years, she was motivated to research how long her grandparents had been hitched. Tatiata Kozhevnikova, a year-old from Russia lifted nearly 31 pounds with it. It was 19 inches and belonged to a Scottish lass named Anna Swan. In , a French Army surgeon and anthropologist by the name of Dr. And finally, the longest human penis! Its spermatozoon is six centimeters long, which is 20 times as longer as the body of the insect. We have done a bit of researching and have come across some very interesting records of sex as set by men. In the same room. A study indicates that to year-olds are having sex an average of 86 times per year, and to year-olds are having sex an average of 69 times per year, Fulbright said. The sex project, I understood ingeniously, I might add , offered the perfect rationale for convincing Annie that viewing porno together would be worth a shot. So what was the result?

Guiness record of sex

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