Girls having sex in vi

Adolescents of both sexes too often are practically unhampered in their comings and goings, their words and actions. In the United States the number of girls "sent home" from colleges, and of high-school girls being privately treated by physicians to save them from disgrace, is incredibly large. A daily washing of the inner organs for a long period with water also produces chronic leucorrhea. Though she is exposed to the danger of meeting other girls who may be lewd in thought and speech, in the houses of friends or at school, she is not apt to be carried away by their example. They accost girls who are walking and offer them a "lift. Girls who are sentimentally inclined should beware of giving way to advances on the part of young men which have only one object in view:

Girls having sex in vi

The daily press has given such publicity to this civilized form of "head hunting," that it is difficult to sympathize with girls who are thus treated. No approach nor touch beyond what the best social observance sanctions should be permitted. A chill is sufficient to arrest the flow. The holding of hands and similar innocent beginnings often pave the way for more familiar caresses. Want to learn a language? Even the tendernesses and familiarities of courtship should be restrained. And self-control should be made doubly sure by never permitting one of the opposite sex to show undue familiarity. The heartless moral code of the cynical young pleasure-seeking male is summed up in the cant phrase anent women: She should not allow them to sit with their arm about her waist, to hold her hand, to kiss her. Parents who do not control the social activities of their daughters, who permit them to spend their evenings away from home with only a general idea of what they are doing or whom they are meeting, need not be surprised if their morals are undermined. In all our large cities there are hundreds of young women who earn hardly enough to buy food and fuel and pay for the rent of a room in a cheap lodging house. In general, it makes its appearance earlier in those of a nervous or bilio-nervous temperament than in those whose temperament is phlegmatic or lymphatic. They cannot help but know that in nine cases out of ten, a stranger who invites them to a ride, who "picks" them up, does so with the definite purpose already mentioned in view. These conditions exist in a hundred and one occupations. In rare cases menstruation has stopped at 35, or lasted till It should be remembered, though, that a naturally more gentle and yielding disposition may easily lead her into temptation. Learn from this text and thousands like it on LingQ. Many young girls of the "flapper" type, in particular, are victims of these conditions of unrestrained sex association. As a general thing, right home training and home environment, and sane sex education will prevent the normally good girl from going wrong. Yet even a good, pure-minded young girl may be debauched. Feminine youth longs for dress, for company, for entertainment. Too early a puberty in girls may well arouse concern. Lives have been lost by thus suppressing the monthly flux. It is that stage in female life embraced between the ages of twelve or fourteen and twenty-one years. They accost girls who are walking and offer them a "lift.

Girls having sex in vi

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    No approach nor touch beyond what the best social observance sanctions should be permitted.


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