FIRST PLACE TROPHY – Minecraft Pixel Painters w/ Ross the Sloth

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18 Responses to FIRST PLACE TROPHY – Minecraft Pixel Painters w/ Ross the Sloth

  1. Kay and Shay says:

    Blue is my favorite color

  2. Midori Gurin says:

    0^0 ART!!!!!

  3. The Gaming Bacon says:

    Happy birthday to that guys sister

  4. TheUltimateLazyLinguini says:

    Cheaters, cheaters left and right

  5. ChessmasterJ says:

    I thought it was a dragon ball…

  6. Jcee Wynter says:

    I love biiue that’s miy fravrit Culre

  7. Connor Frederick says:

    toy story

  8. Morgan Perry says:


  9. Morgan Perry says:


  10. nightmare jr says:

    playing with your mom

  11. Cap673 says:

    Sorry for getting you off topic, I tend to do that to people

  12. Sara Zadora says:

    did you know soccor er football is the most popular game in the world

  13. Cat Loaf says:

    That first game was halarious

  14. AlanaSofia Sierra says:

    XD First Try

  15. Dusknoir Darkrai says:

    I thought Ross was gonna draw a dragon ball

  16. moona wolf says:

    Barney want is your real name please tell me!?

  17. Lauren Denham says:

    I use never eat sour watermelon for the north south east and west

  18. Jessica Streit says:


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