Fine Art Tips with John Cosby on Colour In Your Life

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22 Responses to Fine Art Tips with John Cosby on Colour In Your Life

  1. Maria Kellner says:

    Beautiful work great style.

  2. Mindy Horstman says:

    Enjoyed watching John paint. Thank You.

  3. ramesh patel says:

    superb work

  4. Shedz Channel says:

    great painter….and seems like a top bloke too!

  5. Soloison says:

    It’s sounds like a rattle snake somewhere..

  6. Chrissy Murray says:

    Thanks Graeme. Superb as always.

  7. Jennifer Hankinson says:


  8. Bob Mickey says:

    Great episode, Graeme! Laguna Beach is chock full of amazing plein air artists, and John is certainly one of the best. And since he’s just about an hour up the road from where I live, I’m thinking that one of his workshops might be a nice Christmas present to myself. Thanks again!

  9. Linda Gunn says:


  10. riteasrain says:

    Really enjoyable! Thanks CIYL team 🙂

  11. Sharon Bull says:


  12. B. Eric Rhoads says:

    Love it. We have a full dvd on painting technique from John Cosby, one of our most popular. You can find it at

  13. Damian Fernd says:

    Each artist is good news , because every artist is a soldier Less

  14. Jacqui Pexton says:

    Loved it. I’m a beginner so well passed my understanding or talent. Thank you.

  15. Brad Morton says:

    Great episode! I had the privilege of taking one of John’s workshops 5 years or so ago. I not only learned a lot about the process of how to put together a successful plein aire painting but I also learned a lot about the role that art plays in life. John’s a great human and quite the sage on many topics. It was good to “see him” again here in this video! Thank you Graeme and thank you John!

  16. Rhonda Armistead says:

    Beautiful work. Congratulations.

  17. Tommy Monje says:

    Amazing painting!

  18. Brandis Sarich says:

    This was very inspiring!

  19. Subrata Basu says:

    Nice painting. I am from India and I do paintings! Here you go

  20. Julie Jenkins says:

    Another favorite episode! I live just a couple hours away from there. I’ll save my money and try to take a workshop with John someday. Thanks for all your episodes, Graeme!

  21. Patti says:

    such a great interview with a fantastic painter!

  22. Astrid Keus says:

    Love the Bluegum trees. Remind me of SA…

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