Fine art tips on Acrylic Art with De Gillett on Colour In Your Life

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18 Responses to Fine art tips on Acrylic Art with De Gillett on Colour In Your Life

  1. Kewtie Patewtie says:

    Where can i get that painting or print of the tree with purple leaves, its amazing.

  2. musicisbrilliant says:

    WOW. Im humbled by this lady. Damn my work SUCKS compared to everything she does.

  3. Yevgeniya Wurthmann says:

    Spectacular! She is happy and fully engaged! Thank you so much!

  4. Русaлка Русь says:

    Я восхищена!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ana Castronovo says:

    Maravilloso trabajo, gracias por compartir este bello trabajo…

  6. Saima Khalid says:

    simply ethereal! I am stunned.

  7. Pete Orthmann says:

    Wonderful art by a wonderful gal.

  8. sam knoll says:

    I so wish I was so talented! Beautiful! Beautiful 🙂

  9. GenericViewer0 says:

    Wow I’m inspired, definitely trying these techniques!

  10. Toby says:

    Awsome I appreciated every minute I am truly motivated to move ahead in this way

  11. violetskye1234 says:

    Wow, just wow!

  12. Em T says:

    Please come to Edmonton, Alberta, CA to teach!

  13. Denise Terry says:

    You can get fan brushes on Ebay.

  14. Gilda Rizzo says:

    Love this!… but just letting you know that the captions do cover what she is doing which is disappointing. Is there anyway you can change this as I want to see what she is doing not the captions thanks

  15. luis huenchupan says:

    Soy un simple aficionado a la pintura y ver esta pintura me da un poco de vergüenza. Que cosa mas hermosa, una maravilla de verdad ” Amo a esta pintora”

  16. rasha mahmoud says:

    Your work is GREAT De.. just wanted to ask you what media did you mix the color with to do the spattering?

  17. Dominique Hill says:

    WONDERFUL artist! I was hoping that you could tell me what brand of acrylics she’s using. The colors are so dynamic!!

  18. EndOfEntertainment says:

    cool stuff 🙂

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