Exterior wood siding painting preparation – tips, tools, how to guide

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  1. k m says:

    Is that the makita gv5000? I have one…it has a black pad with it…ru saying just get some 7 inch sandpaper to remove flaking wood from my tongue and groove..do u know of a clean-strip pad for the makita that works?

  2. k m says:

    Is there a dust shroud you recommend? And does it work? I have the GV5000 and have a tongue and Groove wood house w/lead. I already have the HEPA vacuum from a previous part of the house(I used a paint shaver before but this part of the house is not that bad)…also trying out both Peel Bond and Peel Stop to see which works better. Also I was testing some MH ready patch for the peeled areas of paint, but if the peel bond fills then I will back of that..just testing one area for now…

  3. Bluefields Painters Plus says:

    gotta be charging like 6k for this quality

  4. FreedomWorkShop says:

    Would it be the same process if the paint is REALLY peeling? like 80% gone?

  5. Lynda Makara says:

    Can you just use paint with primer in it instead of using the peel bond primer?

  6. Debbie Ives says:

    can you use a seal bond primer on a door that is made of some kind of foam or should I use something else. what is the nam of this primer you are talking about in this video. thank you

  7. Hanna Wanzenried-Solberg says:

    What a great video! We are painting our house ourselves this time to save money as new homeowners. Can you tint the Peel Bond? Or should we go with a paint that is primer + color in one? The reason I ask is our house is currently two colors. Bottom half = dark blue and the soffit, fascia, gables and eves are white. We are going with a light gray (steely gray by Sherwin Williams) for the house. Thanks in advance!

  8. earlvin obregon says:

    Hi Guys we do Estimating Takeoffs,just saying.

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