Digital Painting Walkthrough: Portrait Tips & Tricks

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30 Responses to Digital Painting Walkthrough: Portrait Tips & Tricks

  1. Zoe XoXo says:

    Tysm for this it was super helpful especially for my tech class!!

  2. Gemgem Mgeci says:

    thank you.!

  3. Wellington Carneiro says:

    This was really helpful. Thank you

  4. C Y N T H I A says:

    Amazing video :D!!! Definitely subbing!

  5. Nuchinuchi TekTon says:

    SUCH DANKNESS ! Beautiful

  6. Edward YongZhengTat says:

    Thank you~ This really helps for those beginner like me 😀

  7. OatMan says:

    Awesome painting, love it!! Also, do you have any tips or know good websites/blogs for sharing your artwork?

  8. Endless says:

    I have a question! before you paint does it have to be a clean and neat sketch?

  9. Shuzck. says:

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH! This is so simple and fast tutorial 🙂

  10. Jajah worr says:

    Thank you, I love it!!

  11. Denise Williams says:

    simple things frustrate me how did you do the clipping mask or was that something else?

  12. Jessica Morland-Nuttall says:

    what programme do you use?

  13. Polishpolarbear says:


  14. Fátima Romero Castro says:

    What type of brushes do you use to mix the colors? I try to paint in Photoshop but I can’t. I can only work properly with the mix with Sai Paint Tool. What do you recommend me?

  15. Diego says:

    I blinked and there was so much more detail WTF! hahah!

  16. MrRICEBALL says:

    short and simple to understand, great video !
    one question : What resolution and pixel by pixel do you recommend to use ? ( or you used often )

  17. Bint Muhammad Amin says:

    and tell the good purpose of our drawings, like, how to sell ur art work, where we should sell, or wat to do with that stuff ? (just asking )

  18. Erick Fernandez de Arteaga says:

    Nice video! I didn’t know about the “Color” blending mode; I’ve been going back and forth between Overlay and Multiply for adding color to grayscale paintings and have been unsatisfied with both.

  19. KGArtDesign says:

    one of the best tutorials that I’ve ever saw <3

  20. Number Seven says:

    I don’t think I can do it. I’m not good enough

  21. Hey Zeus says:

    … fuckin’ no way.
    My wacom’s going into the trash…

  22. Thye Aun Ngo says:

    looks so easy but actually it’s not…

  23. LiK says:

    I love how you make these tips so simple and easy to follow.

  24. arami min says:

    wooah this is so helpful!!! would you mind sharing your textured brushes?

  25. sarah soso says:

    great tutorial, thanks

  26. The666Reaver says:

    Absolutely beautiful. you make it look easy. Can I ask, what resolution did you create this image in?

  27. Muhammad Gamal says:

    Dude Thanks for what you do
    i Literally love this style I’ve got my new tablet couple days before to learn amd learn till i get to your level
    your drawing is literally magical
    Keep it up !

  28. The Creative One says:

    Absolutely incredible. I aspire to be this talented.

  29. Got7 BTS says:

    i always struggle once it comes to putting color to my drawing :/

  30. Ethan Williams says:

    what brushes did you use for the painterly effects at the end?

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