Daily sexual horoscope

Uranus is in Aries and your communication sector, radically revamping the way you speak, think and socialize. A big project or a key relationship may consume your attention. You may be battling fatigue, stress or a health-related challenge. Your cutting-edge ideas could even gain traction in the media or through strong community support. Your public life shines this year, so get out and travel, take classes, explore world-changing ideas. Saturn visits your sign every years, a time when many people must reinvent themselves from the ground up. They like taking care of all the details in order for them both to get to a point of desired success. Taskmaster Saturn is in your work and money house until December, forcing you to be disciplined, mature and to make hard but important choices.

Daily sexual horoscope

You could be recognized as a leader or expert in your field. You need a lot of space to roam and might even prefer to fly solo. When you try to suppress your caring nature, you can come across as intense, angry, needy or outright exhausting. Stress is linked to almost every ailment, so be proactive and cut it out of your life wherever you can. The flexible hours and secure pay will take the pressure off and keep food on the table. Lucky and expansive Jupiter is in Libra and your systematic sixth house until October, a great time to roll up your sleeves and apply your hard skills to getting things done. With Saturn spending its final year in your career sector, a new professional path could also be in the making. Enjoy the bounty of admirers that come your way now…and let yourself be courted, adored and spoiled. We can do little about what pleasures us, but more with how we try to pleasure others. Eclipses in February and August will touch down in your career house, bringing amazing opportunities or major changes. You may have been exhausted and even uncharacteristically antisocial, perhaps even dealing with an illness. In October, Jupiter enters Scorpio and your second house of daily routines, helping you settle into a grounded groove and increase your quality of life. So, in your sex horoscope the moon's position means a lot. With bountiful Jupiter in Libra and your communication house until October, writing, speaking, teaching, and media could be hotspots for you. The heat rises and burns well into —and on December 19, structured Saturn marches into Capricorn and your committed partnership house. The parts of particular meaning in a sex horoscope reading of the birth chart are as follows. Education, publishing, personal growth and entrepreneurship could also help you gain stature. Your cutting-edge ideas could even gain traction in the media or through strong community support. A February eclipse in your work and money house could bring an exciting job offer, a money-making opportunity, or clarity around your path. In addition to bolstering financial stability, this year also strengthens your emotional core. This year, the bulk of your luck will come from diligent, detailed work—the kind your sign specializes in. Go big or go home! Contemplate how they interact in your personality, and how they add up to create your cravings and preferences. The position of the moon and aspects to it will have the clues. Your ruling planet, innovative and progress-driven Uranus, is also a busy bee in , making contact with two big cosmic Kahunas: Jupiter shifts into Scorpio and your orderly sixth house in October, helping you take care of business, delegate, and tighten the efficiency of Team Gemini. Their partners are in luck.

Daily sexual horoscope

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    Lucky Jupiter is visiting your health and fitness sector until October, which could bring a burst of motivation to get your vitals in order, eat clean or kick a toxic habit.


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