Critical tips when spraying silver with PPG WATER

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16 Responses to Critical tips when spraying silver with PPG WATER

  1. Georgi Zlatinov says:

    Very nice work

  2. Dave Sage says:

    I wish it was as easy as you make it look. Lots of take away tips there. Great job. Thanks

  3. tim harding says:

    what air pressue do u control coat at ? and what pressue did u base coat

  4. Genocide Joe says:

    is it the same for solvent based paints?

  5. Shamel Powder says:

    I just realized you guys don’t bag the whole car. why not? Does the Over spray get on the car?

  6. Dave Sage says:

    BTW Did you notice your title page says “SLIVERS”Did I miss the joke?

  7. Vasilis Karadimos says:

    Hi Gabriel…super video as always…which is your gun setings on the pro lite for base?

  8. jason evans says:

    Great one Gabe

  9. sergio Nuñez says:

    hola máster pregunta veo que empapelaste pero no todo el auto usas enmascarante líquido. saludos

  10. john smith says:

    do a video on the spray mask please

  11. Chuck Thomas says:

    Hey Gabe! do you ever use one of these various blending products (which are basicly transparent basecoats) that are supposed to help the metallics to orientate more evenly? I think that silver is less tricky if it’s laid into a wet bed. To prevent swirls and such it sometimes requires fanning out so far that the coat goes down too dry. Great vid! 🙂

  12. Rowland Anderson says:

    Great video! Thanks for your time.

  13. Alejandro Magana says:

    hey Gabriel thanks for taking the time to do all these great videos. I have a question.Second coat of clear, do you wait a few minutes before baking it?or do you bake it right away?thanks.

  14. mk1eski says:

    great video very helpful tips
    thank you

  15. Daniel Gill says:

    Nice Job Gabriel! Got a silver to paint myself soon, not looking forward to it after hearing from so many painters that it is quite possibly one of the hardest colours to paint right, but your videos on silvers are giving me a bit of hope! Thankyou 😀

  16. Kent Buehrer says:

    I’ve been utilizing the spray into the repair method and it’s been a tremendous help! Great tip! I’m enjoying your vids. Keep it up.

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