Composition & Color Tips for Abstract Painting with Debora Stewart

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7 Responses to Composition & Color Tips for Abstract Painting with Debora Stewart

  1. G4m3rR1ck says:

    are you using a mixed media paper, water color paper, or what?

  2. Bernice Seigel says:

    What paint are you using for the under painting? Is it watercolor or
    diluted acrylic. And, what do you put on the finished pastel picture to
    preserve it? Thank you

  3. Kerri Morris says:

    Isn’t it better to use a medium made for getting paints and brushes wet
    with acrylics and some others? Sorry drawing blank on name of products, you
    would know. I have been told H2O breaks down molecular structure of paint
    and it won’t last as long, peeling off canvas and sometimes entire painting
    comes off? Then I see many using water? Can you please give me the answer
    to question bothering me?

  4. Arianna1308 says:

    I really love your work! It is so inspiring!
    You say to use a big wide brush, but what kind? natural hair, synthetic?
    Thank you

  5. Ruža Milaković says:

    Sve je ok.

  6. 1995Benzo says:

    “Liked,” at the :30 second mark! thanks for sharing!

  7. Tammy Wilson says:

    i love love love abstract art,,yummy. great video! great talent! i could
    look at that all day long,,,

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