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They have not been edited, except for minor punctuation and spelling alterations. John Reinstein, the director of the ACLU Massachusetts, said although NAMBLA "may extol conduct which is currently illegal", there was nothing on its website that "advocated or incited the commission of any illegal acts, including murder or rape". Some judges have condemned boy-lovers as being "worse than murderers," even though their only "crime" has been to share their body and affection with a boy in a friendship that includes mutually enjoyable sexual experiences. The statements presented here are in the boys' own words. He should have the right to enjoy and develop the relationship without fear of shame or ridicule, or of harassment by parents or police. Boys have participated in our conferences, on panels, in public forums, on the radio, in NAMBLA contingents in demonstrations, and in interviews with the press. President Bill Clinton could certify that no UN agency grants any official status to organizations that condoned pedophilia.

Boylove man boy sex

Often, critics of boy-lovers appear to follow a double standard designed to deny the validity of the boy-lover's experience just because he is a man. All the authors have been sexually active with men, so they do not address the thoughts and problems of the boy who would like to, but has not had the opportunity to, enjoy sex with a man. Soto, a San Diego Union-Tribune writer, wrote in February , "Law enforcement officials and mental health professionals say that while NAMBLA's membership numbers are small, the group has a dangerous ripple effect through the Internet by sanctioning the behavior of those who would abuse children". Echols published the names, addresses and telephone numbers of eighty suspected NAMBLA members on his website, which led to death threats being made to people who were not members of the organization. Nevertheless, while NAMBLA listens to boys, and struggles against ageism within its own ranks, it is true that most adults and state institutions turn a deaf ear to their voices. A diminishing segment of American society, they are denied the vote and say-so over their own lives. The lawsuit was dropped in April after a judge ruled that a key witness was not competent to testify. Only by standing up for our right to love can we ever hope to end this injustice. Adults are always presuming to speak for children. Not everyone, for instance, no matter how old, feels comfortable putting innermost thoughts down in writing. For many, perhaps all, of the contributors to this collection, it was the first time they had ever done this. They tend to be concentrated on the East Coast of the United States. Children should have free access to factual information about sexual relationships of all kinds, and the right to control their own bodies without interference from adults. Some of the authors are gay- identified, others are not. John Reinstein, the director of the ACLU Massachusetts, said although NAMBLA "may extol conduct which is currently illegal", there was nothing on its website that "advocated or incited the commission of any illegal acts, including murder or rape". The authors are multi-racial, and span the teenage years, but none are younger than Barely a dozen statements are published here. Younger people are powerless. NAMBLA believes that children need more than just sexual freedom, but it also recognizes that the denial of sexual pleasure can inflict severe and lasting pain. Nobody bats an eyelash, for instance, when adult feminists speak for young girls, asserting that this is their right since they are addressing their own past experiences as girls. Perhaps these letters will communicate a sense of hope and self-worth to such boys, who may read them and realize that their fantasies and desires are indeed shared by others. The child should have the right to initiate the relationship, as he often does. There is strength in unity and openness. Suffolk County District Attorney Garrett Byrne found the men had used drugs and video games to lure the boys into a house, where they photographed them as they engaged in sexual activity. With the exception of gay youth organizations, probably no other group has made a greater effort to do this. According to the suit, defendants Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari, who were convicted of murdering the Curleys' son Jeffrey, "stalked

Boylove man boy sex

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    The men were members of a "sex ring"; Byrne said the arrest was "the tip of the iceberg".


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