Blogs with sex stories

Do you think you've been able to influence toy manufacturers to improve their products? Days when I watched the clock and the last hour of work dragged by as though it were 8 more. The consumers are no longer left in the dark! I'm not afraid to call out a crappy toy, and I'm less afraid to give a negative review on a popular "luxury" toy. Too many vibrators out there have "surface" or "buzzy" vibrations that sound loud, but they aren't deep enough to travel through flesh or even the silicone they might be buried in.

Blogs with sex stories

Fortunately, I was having plenty of deliciously hot sex to fuel my writing. It seemed I had uncovered a streak of exhibitionism. I actually wrote a post " A Brief History of Sex Blogging" and have had others chime in with their recollections. Looking behind the curtain. Goodness no, I'm certainly not one of the first. One of the stand-out manufacturers of silicone, Tantus, makes use of the bloggers by sending out prototypes sometimes to get feedback. So, in December , I started a sex blog. I limited my exposure to aspects of the sex blogger world that made me feel icky. Their feedback spurred me to mine the depths and write as much as I could. My blogger friends and the readers who contact me to thank me, they keep me going. Can you describe some pitfalls they could avoid? If you just want to blog and write, then you can certainly do it at Blogger. They're one of the only companies doing this right now. They need to really think it over. But today we have entire blogs dedicated to sex toy reviewing. Days when I watched the clock and the last hour of work dragged by as though it were 8 more. But another great change has been the sex toy reviewing landscape - back in there were a fraction of the sex toy reviews that we have today, and of course they were mainly reviewing low-grade sex toys made of toxic materials. The reading ignited long dormant desire. No one who really mattered, anyway, except my husband. I'm active on social media like Twitter and Facebook, even Tumblr. Lilly took some time out of her busy schedule to chat to us and offer useful advice to anyone wanting to start out as an adult blogger. The best is the people. This topic is underrepresented among sex blogs, which are heavy on BDSM, sex toy reviews, nude photography and non-monogamy. I can't really pick favorites for reviews. I created something relatively unique in the sex blog world:

Blogs with sex stories

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    What kind of things have you done to promote your blog? So, in December , I started a sex blog.


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