Biggest mistake beginners make when painting with Acrylics

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  1. girish nehete says:

    acrylic colorz

  2. zekehooper says:

    am just starting with Acrylics from watching Dede’s channel and she uses them on coloring books. If that is what I use them on then is it alright to just use water? I think I remember you saying that if it was used on paper then it was alright to use water?

  3. Cinder Block Studios says:

    Ah, another one huh. Yeah, this is a down right MYTH! The adhesion problems that paint have occur for 2 reasons. First is the quality of the paint. Second which you did touch on a bit, is the surface your painting on. However, primed canvas is perfectly fine as it still absorbs the paint. The only “flaking” you’ll get is if you paint on something like glass, plastic, or metal.

  4. Gava Hema says:

    I’ve just found this channel and I love it, thank you for the tips <3

  5. boondockdread says:

    you’re pretty, lady

  6. Swanky Weasel says:

    wait… you’re supposed to put water in the paint? Well damn. I feel stupid..

  7. Deborah Lobban says:

    That was really helpful. Thanks!

  8. genevieve plowman says:

    Thanks is there any oil’s I can mix with water paints

  9. Srikanth Vudya says:

    which brand is best for acrylic colours

  10. homo is short for homeowner says:

    i heard it was 40/60 ratio not 30/70 ?

  11. mama bear says:

    Thanks for making it fun as well as informative!

  12. just me says:

    i didn’t t even know that the acrylics must be mixed with water or with some kind of water!! 😮 :DD

  13. Oseme Ikikhueme says:

    soo..i shouldn’t prime my canvas if I want to use water?

  14. Estelle Hooper says:

    so if i have a piece of wood primed with gesso, is using a ton of water a no-no?

  15. Adventures With Anjie says:

    What if you’re painting a vinyl doll?

  16. Mich Elle says:

    good tips & nice to see some sanae ladies sans tattoo. WTG girl!

  17. Sarah J says:

    She reminds me of brizzyvoices

  18. Frank Aiden says:

    A nice and cheap painting surface that absorbs the pigment in paint is actually the carboard-ish backing on a spiral sketchbook or pads of paper.
    (I did a painting yesterday actually using the back of a pad of Crescent Rendr paper and it turned out so nice)

  19. Kelli Cox says:

    I found this to be very helpful and on point.Just wanted to say thanks!Made sense to me…AND it worked better when I applied this newfound knowledge.

  20. Alisha Tuschewski says:

    Not related to the video so much but just wanted to say I love your hair.

  21. Black Love 9000 says:

    You Are Beautiful .

  22. Dirci Teixeira says:

    I love this video. You didn’t waste and went right to the point. I after many years decades have decided to switch from oils to acrylics. That said I need to learn as much as possible. Thanks

  23. jt says:

    Emmy, thank you so much for this (and I love the short format!). Quick q: would applying sealant at the end help address this at all, or would it all crack/flake off anyway?

    Has anyone out there experimented with this?

  24. Gustavo Woltmann says:

    ….the mistakes I invariably make. Thanks for the video. Gustavo Woltmann

  25. Carol Kriz says:

    Thanks for the info. I did my first painting and i don’t like what i did on a part of it can i paint over it.

  26. docof art says:


  27. K. N. Dozier says:

    Your energy was too awesome! ayyyy!

  28. Kremena Petkova says:

    You are so cool! I just subscribed 😛

  29. troels kolstrup says:

    I use alot of water when i paint, and I have never had any problems with the paint cracking or falling of.

  30. Lucy Carrillo says:

    does a price of paper taped or glued to a piece of cardboard count as a canvas ????????????????????

  31. Michelle Wehner says:

    With the economical student grades, troubles can run abound. With artist grade paints, they are more dynamic and forgiving. Here is a great piece from Will Kemp that includes feedback directly from the manufacturers of GOLDEN Paints…
    Happy painting!

  32. Kristen Victoria says:

    Omg! Thank you! I’ve just started getting into acrylic pouring and I guess I’ve been adding too much water and not enough painting medium, because they always seem to “crackle” after they have dried… I will try to add less water next time 😀 Thank you!

  33. Carmen Kull says:

    If I paint on a t-shirt with acrylic paint mixed with water, will the paint crack and come off after I wash it? I don’t have acrylic medium or white fabric paint where I live so I need some advice.

  34. LoveEmpress5 says:

    Wonderful! Thank You!

  35. ThinCube says:

    You just winked at me….right back atcha sexy 😉

  36. Andrew Vincent says:

    Would you paint me like I’m one of your French girls?

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