BEST PAINTING TAPES. Tapes painters use. Good tape tips.

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  1. Mooncabbage says:

    For wind I believe you want something called a Dead Cat, which is kind of a
    wooly thing that goes over the mic. You’ve probably seen it in the blooper
    reel when a boom mic comes into frame.

  2. Spencer Colgan says:

    My favorite tape is .75″ Sherwin Williams masking tape for most of my tape
    needs. It unrolls easily and is awesome. SCOTCH 3M TAPE INDIVIDUALLY
    THAT WHEN THEY SHRINK WRAP IT, it melts the adhesive. Then they told me
    they’d replace it BUT THAT I SHOULD MAIL IT BACK TO THEM.

  3. shark tank says:


  4. shark tank says:

    that’s how you get rid of the birds

  5. shark tank says:

    3m 2020 & 3m blue edgelock

  6. Pedro Joakin Montez says:

    much video. ….. Only you had that which is good and bad

  7. RAKRail says:

    A “Dead Cat” wind screen for your Mic will cut down or eliminate your wind
    noise. Thank you for the educational video.

  8. sigor2011 says:

    To get rid of the wind or at least to minimize it, get one of those
    microphones with a fluffy stuff around it, it reduces the wimd noise.

  9. tyvek05 says:

    excellent video and great info! thank you.

  10. Com4nd3r666 says:

    whos dislike the review!??

  11. chad finken says:

    where do u buy ur 3m 2020 in bulk ? takin a guess s&w

  12. Blute72 says:

    Frog tape is awesome. Definitely worth the money. I use Hystik tapes where
    you use 2020. More easily available in Australia. Storage is important.
    Don’t beat up the rolls and keep them out of the sun.

  13. Rafael Miranda says:

    3M 20/20 all day…

  14. Rafael Miranda says:

    That paint life hat is dope ass hell lol you have those in snap back?

  15. Susie Olivarez says:

    Thanks for the video. I don’t like frog tape. I bought it when doing
    stripes in a room, and it was just awful. Blue tape sucks too. The white
    cheap tape is super sticky, and haven’t used that in years. I ended up not
    wasting money on tape and just getting a good paint brush and doing all my
    edges with the brush.

  16. Jim Dale says:

    Hey Chris I’ve been in business for Over 21 years in the Portland Oregon
    area, we exclusively use 3m 2030 not 2020 its a little bit more money and
    worth every penny, in a pinch you can leave it on outside over night, its a
    thicker paper and doesn’t splinter as you call it as bad as 2020 in my
    professional opinion, give it a try, but you probably won’t find it at most
    S-W stores you’ll have to ask them to bring it in for you, we get it at
    Rodda paint and some Miller paint stores carry it also, I also notice that
    you don’t use the Hyde brand spray poles, I’ve been using them for almost
    20 years, accualy a local painter from our area invented them and put them
    in a few paint stores year’s ago and then he sold out to Hyde tools THEY
    ARE THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!!but take some time to get used to
    always trying to help other painters improve like yourself thanks
    Jim Dale, Award Painting Inc.

  17. Jim Dale says:

    by the way I know Cody and his family from The Oregon City area family
    friends for 40 + years

  18. William Turczynski says:

    What tape is used for the “caulking the tape” to prevent paint bleed and
    I’ve never found any of your videos that detail that procedure other than
    being mentioned.

  19. Blair Sillanpaa says:

    Painters Mate!!!! Total GARBAGE!!! I dont know how they can even sell this
    crap!!! never sticks!!!! Pls !!!like Chris Said Frog tape and 2020 are the
    best in my experience as well! Keep up the Great work Chris!

  20. Gene McNeil says:

    Which tape do you use for masking off interior trim that you have painted,
    and how long do you let it dry before applying the tape?

  21. shark tank says:

    lol right

  22. shark tank says:

    @Idahopainter do you have anything on spraying different types of

  23. shark tank says:

    did I hear you mention something about tips on bidding

  24. GP Miranda says:

    My fiance and I just bought our first home and will be spending the next
    week painting several rooms. I’ve got a decent amount of painting
    experience as a diy-er, but it’s been a few years and your videos have
    really helped me brush up on my knowledge. I’m immensely grateful!

  25. shark tank says:

    rite on thanks

  26. Daniel Bristow says:

    I spoke with a local painter in Dallas, TX who said that even the delicate
    surface tape has removed the clear coat from a customer’s hardwood floor.
    He had to pay to replace the floors. Has that ever happened to you? I’ve
    been a little shy about using tape on wood floors ever since.

  27. Cosmo John says:

    Is there a masking tape that is paint-friendly yet sticks well giving good
    adhesion to walls? Is it true that the more paint-friendly a masking tape,
    the less sticky?

  28. Anthony Mannara says:

    Question for you ! When you guys have to do 2 – 3 coats , would you tape
    baseboards to save time ? Also would frog tape be good on baseboards ? have
    alot of problems with tape splinters and paint bleeding through leaving bad

  29. Anthony Mannara says:

    and idea for you (only cause u asked) to stop the wind from picking up on
    the mic and effecting the video audio , maybe try placing a board beside
    your camera to block or redirect the wind off the mic

  30. Max Peters says:

    Those are my two fav tapes as well (2020 and Frog).

  31. Sean Kibler says:

    @The Idaho Painter I’m sure its been mentioned already but I hear other big
    time YouTubers use a little fuzzy ball that goes over the camera mic. It
    muffles out the wind really well and I imagine it might muffle the birds a
    little too. I’ve heard Roman Atwood mention it a bunch of times. Here is
    one on Amazon but I think I’ve heard Roman Atwood and maybe even
    Wranglerstar mention them at much cheaper prices.

  32. skeetorkiftwon says:

    I only like taping when I paper. After calcing the cost, the time spent
    taping, removing, and the cost of the tape, cutting in is just better.

    A rag and a putty knife is great for fixing mistakes.

    I do agree that frog tape is the best.

  33. Matt Taylor says:

    I just used yellow frog tape on trim I just sprayed yesterday morning and
    it wouldn’t stick for more the 5 mins even though the container says it’s
    good for painted surfaces 24hrs old. I had to remask with 2020 and it never
    pulled the paint off as i was worried it would. Green frog tape is awesome,
    not sure about yellow yet.

  34. Tim schmidt says:

    If you want the wind to stop, just plan on taking the kids out to fly a

  35. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    So the best tape to use, in your experience, is 3M 2020 and Frog Tape. For
    exteriors use Scotch Exterior blue tape. Did I get that right? I’ve bounced
    around to some other videos. SW website, and watched this one a few times

  36. Alan Smith says:

    A bonus with Frog Tape is that it comes in the plastic case so it stops
    crud collecting on the tape edge in storage.

  37. J M says:

    Audio tip

    How to get rid of the chirping birds and wind noise, in the background:

    Not sure what kind of camera you are using, but most of them (including
    cell phone cameras) have the ability to use an auxiliary microphone.

    When mic-ing in a loud environment, the mic of choice is called a shotgun

    These are the long and narrow tube like microphones. The long tube allows
    the mic to pick up the audio source the tube is pointed directly at, and
    attenuate (reduce) surrounding noise. With the addition of the foam cover,
    it will pretty much block out all surrounding noises, and just pick up
    whatever you have it aimed at.

    I strongly suggest you take a look at getting one. Even a cheap one would
    do a lot to help reduce the background noices of your outdoor videos.

  38. Malidene says:

    Audio tip: rode shotgun mic and a Deadcat cover they work great.

    Great video!

  39. David Smith says:

    Great overview on tapes. Thanks!

  40. Eric Mackey says:

    maybe a lav mic?

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