Beginners Acrylic Painting Course (New)

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36 Responses to Beginners Acrylic Painting Course (New)

  1. sufana adil says:

    dude your awesome <3

  2. A R says:

    Good and easy way to learn about it and get interested in painting I really
    like to refer your tutorials. Thanks. Whish U good health pl. tell me which
    types of brushes necessary to use its number wise in water colour/acrylic

  3. Kazi Baki says:

    I fill good to see your work, and

  4. Mack Drag says:

    I love watching painting videos! I’m only 12 but I love to paint and draw!
    I don’t have any canvases but my dad has wood and I love to paint on the
    wood! I can’t remember which kind of paint I have but my dads Aunt gave me
    a whole case full of 10 paints, a leaf, a sponge, different brushes,
    watercolors and she’s even taught me a few techniques! I painted a stool
    last year with her that had kittens and dogs on it! Then I got to have one
    of her oil paintings of a beautiful waterfall!! I’m going to ask for some
    more paint supplies for Christmas. But until then, I’m saving up for a
    table easel and a few small canvases!! Ok, I’m gonna go watch more of your
    videos, bye!!! 😀 :)

  5. Cynthia R. Arte, don y pasión says:

    Thank you Will Kemp for this wonderful video. You are a wonderful teacher
    and artist! Beginners like me feel so comfortable with you ;)

  6. Bastian Rasmussen says:

    I have a question, in 1:13 the tool laying on the table, what is that

  7. Kylie Saunders says:

    Is there a link on how to paint the turquoise canvas with the teacup?! Been
    trying to find it!!!

  8. MsMooyaa says:

    this was so helpful for me .. thank you soooo much 🙂 ..a new subscriber :D

  9. art princess says:

    does the brand matter or does it have to be a specific brand?

  10. Jo-Anne Botha says:

    Hi Will, thank you sooooo much for your video! I did your “Acrylic painting
    techniques for absolute beginner” lesson today, and I am AN ABSOLUTE
    BEGINNER, but I LOVED the painting… Wish I could post a picture of my
    painting so you can see what a good teacher you are…

  11. Alex Juliette says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ll be making my way through
    these videos. how long have you been painting?

  12. John Essien says:

    Hi Will Kemp, really nice introduction and a soothing voice you’ve got
    there. I want to thank you for creating a platform like this for art lovers
    to learn art techniques, really noble thing to do.
    i have a few worries though and they are in form of questions.

    1. I’ve always been fascinated by arts and i’ve always wished i could make
    them myself but it just so happens I’ve always thought a person has to have
    been born an artist to be a good one, so can a person like me who is on a
    rung lower than novice hope to make reasonable art some day?
    2. Are the lessons on your channel structured like the conventional class
    such that one lesson graduates into the other or are the lessons just
    posted randomly such that the students just find videos that explain the
    art concept they want to apply?

    Thanks a miilion for this opportunity, i look forward to someday making a
    good enough painting to make me smile, even though not good enough to show
    anybody <>

  13. Alison Rojas says:

    The beginning of the video and the way you explained things throughout the
    video doesn’t have me feeling so scared anymore. It made me gain the
    confidence to start, thank you!

  14. Shavauna Ronan says:

    Hi Will, thank you very much for creating this video. Were you speaking to
    me personally? Lol. Fear of failure is an obstacle for me. I have stopped
    procrastinating and have started to paint. I absolutely love it! I can see
    how I will need to learn to draw to achieve the kind of paintings I would
    eventually like to do. You are truly an inspiration!

  15. Sara Marjan says:

    Hello will.. i just want to start basically im a
    begninner..but im interested in painting a black and white picture..what do
    u recommend i should use as the background ? and your videos are very
    impressive thanks.. ive been watching ^_^

  16. BrisMetalChic29 says:

    Hello there Will. Thanks so much for this video. I have been creating art
    since I was a kid and I love it. I got do busy though and it sadly got
    shelved for some time which disheartened me. Well now I had been missing my
    creative outlet and decided to jump back into drawing, painting etc, but
    I’m very nervous. I bought a table top style easel and wood artbox in one
    which came with some brushes a 2B and HB pencil, an artist mannequin and 3
    canvases of different size as well as 6 acrylic paints in the set. A 15
    x24cm canvas, 22 x 32cm, and 29 x 40cm. It also includes a round plastic
    palette which is not my optimum but it’s ok. The brushes are natural wooden
    Flat #2, #4, #6 and #8 as well as two round brushes.#6 and #8. It has a
    rollup canvas pouch too. The colours are black (which is more a tone)
    scarlet, emerald green, lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and titanium white.
    My question is for the course will I need to purchase more paint colours
    and brushes, tools etc. Thankyou.

  17. Francine Scott says:

    Thank you! Just turned 50 and I have been saying “I can do that better” or
    “wish that painting were these colors instead” Its going to be rainy this
    weekend–Im ready!

  18. Musarath Jahan says:

    Im also 12

  19. Josiah James says:

    Hello. I really love to learn how to paint but I have really limited
    supplies cause some art materials are so expensive. Do you recommend using
    canvas for beginners cause I paint on bond papers so that I won’t waste
    that much when my painting fails. Thank you

  20. LaCabeza Grande says:

    I have a question about using water to thin acrylics. Doesn’t using too
    much water break down the binding of the paint? How do you feel about using
    other acrylic mediums to thin or to make glazes? Will this be covered in
    the beginner course? It looks really interesting as it would fill in the
    gaps for me.

  21. Judy Holen says:

    Thank you

  22. Terri Ann Laws says:

    What an absolutely brilliant teacher, and so very generous too. Thank you
    so very much Will. You are an absolute star and we really really appreciate

  23. Theresa Wang says:

    This course is exactly what I’m looking for! It’s very detailed and easy to
    follow. Will, you are a great teacher! I’m glad I found your video.

  24. Kristine Padernal says:

    i love it. i am your new student here :)

  25. DeAndra Watkins says:

    I’m sold! Just subscribed to your channel! Your introduction was a spot on
    description of an aspiring painter. Your demeanor is very inviting,
    calming, and encouraging, which are key characteristics of a teacher.
    Thanks so much for your platform of tutorials!

  26. Kaan Cornelio says:

    I’m so excited to start. I’ve been thinking about giving a painting to my
    boyfriend. :)

  27. Daws chan says:

    I reallly would like to paint that cup :D

  28. Mandamaw :D says:

    I am personally a Copic user and I wanted to try out painting. I started
    with watercolours but soon found out it was suuuper messy and soft. I’m the
    type of person who likes clean, bold colouring, rather than messy and
    fragile. What type of paint should I try?

  29. imadawad says:

    Thank you, better go out and buy stuff to start

  30. cclaire says:

    I love your accent! what accent is that? You sound so motivating. I’ve been
    drawing with water colors and now I want to try acrylics, I think i’m going
    to enjoy your classes :)

  31. Snehu says:

    Absolutely awesome ! … new student … ! …

  32. hyunnBie Dezhernan says:

    Hi sir I’m you’re student now ❤️❤️

  33. Jonna Nieminen says:

    wow :)

  34. Varsha saxena says:

    Im going to start Acrylic colours first time and I really thankful for you
    to share amazing tutorial :)

  35. chocolatechick729 says:

    do you think ANYONE can paint. or is it a talent that you have to have.
    because you know not every one can sing lol.

  36. Sara Dyer says:

    Thank you very much.

    I have recently retired to a country region in Australia. There are no
    local art schools or classes.

    I used to paint in childhood; I’m now 58.

    Living in such a picturesque area and now having the time, I’m keen to
    resume my artistic journey. This couldn’t happen without the wonderful
    tuition shared by artists like yourself. I look forward to your guidance
    and thank you again.

    Hailing originally from England, I’m also enjoying the familiarity of your
    inspiring and gentle voice. Sara :D

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