ARTIST HACKS: Tips and Tricks for Painters – Branca Flor Art By Alexandra Geropoulos

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8 Responses to ARTIST HACKS: Tips and Tricks for Painters – Branca Flor Art By Alexandra Geropoulos

  1. just a fan says:

    date please?

  2. John Thatcher says:

    Hey Alex, love your videos but I think it would be helpful if you listed your tips on the screen. Easier to stay focused for me at least. Like this:


  3. SLH ArtFlow says:

    love your videos had to subscribed. check me out when you get a chance!!!

  4. annleaartsy says:

    Plywood is my favorite thing to paint on. I like it way more then a plain white canvas. Unless I’m going for a very specific look I use plywood. Something I copied from one of my favorite artists (Katie Rogers of Paper Fashion) is I use acrylics on a wooden palette and when that wooden palette is all covered in paint you hang it and it’s used as an “art piece” not exactly a hack but it’s fun. Thanks for the video I will for sure be trying these.

  5. Franchie Lagmay says:

    Hi there! I really love watching these videos so don’t worry that there might be other videos with the same topics. I personally find it really fun how different artists have similar or slightly different hacks and techniques that fit with their workflow.

    Anyway, I also wanted to contribute in case you haven’t tried this yet: you can use a tupperware container lid for your palette so that you can just seal it using the bowl. Helps to keep the paint from drying too quick between painting sessions.

    Hope that helps, and keep up the good work with your videos!

  6. Robin Clonts says:

    <3 great video!

  7. Const01 says:

    I actually use a shallow tupperware container as a palette. I’m in high school so i have a limited amount of time to finish my paintings. But I hate having my paints dry out so i just put the lid on and the air tight seal actually keeps the paints wet until the next time I use them. Thanks for the rest of the hacks!

  8. MK Lemon says:

    Just found your channel. Love it and subscribed! You are inspiring and I may start my own channel soon. 🙂

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