An Exciting New Tip On Cleaning Your Oil Painting Brushes

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23 Responses to An Exciting New Tip On Cleaning Your Oil Painting Brushes

  1. Martine Smith says:

    beware of the odorless cleaner, it’s still the same product, do NOT breathe
    it in!!

  2. jmiester25 says:

    Watching people wash paint brushes helps me fall asleep.

  3. Pauline Bailey says:

    I am new to painting. I had such a hard time cleaning my brushes after
    attempting my first painting. Also I was trying to figure out what I was
    suppose to do with the screen that came with my Bob Ross bucket so I
    Googled, ‘ How to use the Bob Ross Screen’ and the search engine came up
    with this video. All I can say is THANK YOU!!! I finally understand what
    the screen’s purpose is, but the tip on using baby oil instead of paint
    thinner is priceless! It’s amazing how easy and how well that baby oil
    worked. Getting ready to start my second project and will definitely come
    back if I need some more tips.

  4. Henrich Viboch says:

    Najradšej mám tých múdrych, čo majú oblek a manžety a prstene a iné
    hovadiny pri práci so špinou – sú veľmi pôsobiví a rozumní.

  5. Daniel Shepherd says:

    yes, the baby oils is definately what i’m using from now, on.

  6. gms9810 says:

    Vegetable oil and dish soap will do it too.

  7. pero zubac says:

    NO SHIT !

  8. David Parker says:

    This is the best tip for brush cleaning i have come across, it is going to
    save me loads of money. Thankyou for the tip, excellent it works amazingly

  9. FreeStyleMy_Tricks says:

    And just beat it good

  10. John Smith says:

    This was very good advice thank you.

  11. DruMeister says:

    beat dat shit

  12. Kevin McGregor says:

    awesome cleaning tip . I can keep my thinners for the painting only , love
    it thank you .

  13. nigeq says:

    Great tip Darrel thank you!

  14. Daniel Tirado says:

    hey Darien I’ve been oil painting for some time now using smooth camel hair
    Sable brushes. after a rinse in turpentine and a warm water wash and artist
    soap the ends fringe and separate how can I smooth them out?

  15. Judy Konopka says:

    You’re very brave wearing a suit and painting! :)

  16. Chris Bear says:

    This video reminds me of Mr. Ross sooo much lol

  17. Peter Jones says:

    on the final clip of the film there was still blue paint on the tissue
    (though hidden quickly) ; so I don’t call this clean!!?

  18. Henny Jansen says:


  19. BinesBirdsAndShihTzu says:

    it’s only a clean brush, if you remove the oil from it…..
    I remove the left oil paint with a tissue and the rest with brush
    soap/liquid soap and water and it is even clean enough for watercolour….
    the big masters of the past only had soap, too and a brush last a really
    long time with that method.

  20. Jedi Warrior says:

    nah just beat the devil out of it

  21. Joy Eubanks says:

    I made my own brush beater from a cheap Walmart plastic trash can and a
    small pop up rack that I got in the kitchen area at Walmart also. It works
    very well and was very cheap.

  22. Sharon Weik says:

    I’ve been using a beater rack for 35 years, I thought every oil painter
    did! LOL

  23. Mat Ollig says:

    Baby Oil is NON DRYING oil, and if it gets into your oil paint, it will
    prohibit the paint film from forming properly and will result in a brittle
    paint film. Use Safflower oil at the very least. It’s cheap, non-toxic, and
    normally comes with a recipe for pasta on the label.

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