Adult picnic sex story

I can see that lust in his eyes as he watches me; it causes my pussy to shudder. He started slowly and while he fucked me, I looked over at the women. She plunged the strap on deep inside my wifes ass, making her howl. I put my cock in her mouth. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pumped it while leaning back down to find his mouth again. The two women continued for a few more thrusts, then the bosses wife got up and turned my wife around so her ass was sticking up in the air.

Adult picnic sex story

The afternoon progressed until it was time to clean up and go home. I fingered her slowly while she caressed my dick. D … i love company parties. Honey colored nipples which were just the right size. It was a small affair as the company isnt that big but everyone seems like family. Daddy's Taking Me on a Picnic Date: The sensation of feeling your own dick across that thin wall is priceless. I finally moved up off him again and looked down at him. I responded after a minute or so and found it exciting to be kissing a man while he caressed me. My wife was writhing under the thrusts of the strap on and as I watched, she came, surrounding the big cock with her juices. I bet nobody had ever gone inside that ass. There are few things that turn me on more than that. I pulled it off him and let him do the same before going to his belt and undoing his pants. I have been already for some time, especially because I work with some really nice chicks. My boss in the mean time, had moved his hand up to my crotch and was openly caressing my cock through my tented pants. I took my dick and went for her ass. And it moved at the rhythm of my tongue. We loved every moment of it. So I put my hand in her jeans. It felt good to have someone rubbing my hard cock and as he continued, his other hand moved down to my ass and started to rub it too. The grass and flowers dance as the breeze flows by. I moaned and groaned while she fucked me and was matched by my wife. We also joined a swing club and got to fuck and be fucked by many men and women. Now we were both being fucked in the ass and I wasnt sure which one of us, my wife or me, was enjoying it more. Every second of it. She laid down on the floor not before opening her shirt and showing me those incredible naked breasts.

Adult picnic sex story

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    I took my dick out and went again for her ass. He started slowly and while he fucked me, I looked over at the women.


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