Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners clive5art

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  1. Lawton Mainstone says:

    Extremely useful tip Clive. I have got fed up with smelly pallets even after a couple of days. Hope this will cure it.

  2. Maria Harmel says:

    Thanks so much for the tip. I have never heard that before. I’m going to pass it along to a couple of my painting friends and tell them “Clive said…………..”

  3. Richie Journey says:

    Love your channel Clive!
    I am concerned that you have introduced an acid to your water. There are some pigments that do not like acid and acids (as we have been taught) destroy archival qualities all around and thus we purchase acid free materials. However, I am less concerned about longevity (I chose to prefer those who are gifted or first purchasers to enjoy rather than those who will make mounds of money off me in the future) as I am concerned with changing hues.

  4. one. two. says:

    Does anyone know what mist is is that water? Sorry I am new to painting

  5. Dave McKay says:

    Must try this.  I wait until mine goes smelly, then rinse and add Dettol to the sponges I use in my wet palette.  These get a good wash afterwards btw.  The great thing about using the old Acetic (I know I should say Ethanoic) acid is that you can use it on your fish and chaps or would malt be better?

  6. Ashs Vision says:

    Thanks for the tip Clive. I appreciate these little things to know.

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