Acrylic painting Tips and Tricks on using your brushes 1

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  1. Dawn Glynn says:

    Hello you are from Newfoundland me to i have been drawing a very long time but now i have got into painting and love it so so much i am working on the lighting sky with a barn on the side but i am having a real hard time with the shading would love to hear from you with any suggestion to help PLEASE thank you so much Dawn

  2. Miss Mage says:

    my favorite lady on youtube 🙂

  3. ichik333 says:

    I’m so excited that I found your channel. As a complete (although I have done a couple paintings) I’ve been searching for videos to teach me basic techniques that I can build up on. I can’t wait to try these out on the weekend! Thank you so much for making and sharing these videos!

  4. liddletoes says:

    I am happy I found you! I see you too are left-handed as am I! You are the first one I have found here on youtube. Sounds like you are from down home as well!

  5. John Rouse says:

    Thank you for your videos! I’ve just started painting; and it’s such an enthralling and relaxing endeavor. Watching you is inspiring, and your voice is so soothing.

  6. Lise Oikle says:

    Great info. It helps so much when you know how to use the different brush. Thank you so much for these great videos. Cant wait to try these tips.

  7. kym rhymer says:

    Thank You..Gotta try um…THANK YOU!!!!!

  8. Ellie Merc says:

    May 15/16 – Alison what are you painting on? I don’t want to practice on good canvases. Thanks so much and I’m watching these again to remind myself that it’s ‘easy does it’ lol :). You’re a sweetheart!

  9. Lillian Burton says:

    Thanks for doing this training video. Will definitely practice your tips!

  10. Linda Marquis says:

    Thank You . Very helpful!

  11. Wanda Ramos says:

    Thanks for your teaching.

  12. Lexie Staines says:

    Wonderful tutorial! Hard to find any videos that’s easy enough to understand/hear. Also, I’m hearing impaired/deaf and there’s something so relaxing and calm about your voice that makes it easier for me to understand and hear! 🙂

  13. Ortal Amar says:

    I’m practically doing marathon to your videos. I’m so glad i opened YouTube and i saw you and decided to check your channel!!! amazing job! p.s i have some trouble with my pallet knife.. can you do a tips v on that? please!!!!!!

  14. Ethan gnentun says:

    I don’t know why, but your voice is so soothing to me lol

  15. Babu n.m. says:

    Allison 🙂 tap tap tap tap that was so informative. . thanks for the tips. tap tap tap. 🙂

  16. Jessie Mckenzie says:

    Hi Miss Jane, how are u? I love following along and learning from u!! I just have a question. I’m just curious where u get your background music?

  17. geebeeman1 says:

    Any more recent painting videos? And are a lot of your older videos not available now?

  18. Raymart John Ibis says:

    hi ali. i am a beginner with acrylic. what do you suggest to make best paint textures?
    mediums and all that… i only use water and it’s making my painting powdery

  19. Jamie Serda says:

    Thank you for sharing and teaching, learning much from your videos. So happy to come across your channel.

  20. ned cramdon says:

    No mistakin’ that accent….How long have you been painting? I’ve just started and prefer landscape… Great video, thanks a million. I’ll subscribe and see if I can find any landscape lessons..

  21. Mary Fowler says:

    Thank you for the great tips and sharing your knowledge.

  22. theloginfile1 says:

    I have to agree with Fizzy, calm, super informative and on point. I get annoyed very easily by videos where it seems the video host talks just to talk. I was looking on how to paint wheat in acrylics or water. While practising I found I will be able to incorporate what you’ve shown. Thank you for the tips, I’m a super beginner and getting tired of painting splotches. I’m a tapper now!

  23. Josephine Blanc says:

    Having problems doing a flat rose thanks josephine

  24. Josephine Blanc says:

    Love ur video ur so good helps me a lot as I’m only starting thankyou josephine

  25. P Lo says:

    Hi Allison, I really want to get a brush with separated ends like yours.  Thank you for your step by step lessons.

  26. Gerard de Vries says:

    Yhanks for explination how to use brushes

  27. anne de guernon says:

    thank you so much for all these very useful tips, however there is a slight problem with the focus, maybe you could fix it ? thanks and keep up the good work:

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