Acrylic Painting Lessons Tips and Tricks Painting Layers by Tim Gagnon

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24 Responses to Acrylic Painting Lessons Tips and Tricks Painting Layers by Tim Gagnon

  1. BananaWaffleMan says:

    My left ear enjoyed this….

  2. Bluey says:

    Good tips mate. Merry Xmas. 

  3. Ruth Paul says:

    I love this painting! What do you call it and is there a lesson on it?

  4. joy gilley says:

    Tim your hott

  5. Morgan Weaver says:

    You sound just like Nicolas Cage :)

  6. CyndyKated says:

    thanks, great tip…that tree is gorgeous…

  7. Brigitte Siegl says:

    Wirklich ein tolles Video von dir. Deine Bilder sind wahnsinnig gut.

  8. bellgallery says:

    It’s beautiful, thanks!

  9. Zukhruf _ Amer says:

    I loved ur painting but I wanted to ask how did u do the trees? Not the
    dark one the light ones what did u use? Pls help I really need it :)

  10. SETIA BUDI says:

    leureus pisan kang pokonamah”’ajiiiplah

  11. Rayormy says:

    Your trees look so good!

  12. CarlottaART Hughes Richmond says:

    I’ve learned so much from you Tim. Thank you so much!

  13. Mary Kate Moran says:

    This is very instructional and educational, I leaned a so much watching
    this — thanks!!

  14. Beth Ryan says:

    Thanks Tim. I am rediscovering art making and your video is super helpful

  15. Rebecca Gutierrez says:

    Too bad the sound quality of this video isn’t good, but the instruction is

  16. glass house says:

    Great tip about the water spraying method..Thanks for the video.!

  17. Lori Morris Paintings says:

    I love the way you portray mist in this painting !

  18. NayFresh87 says:

    I can’t get a clean soft edge and all the paints don’t hide the canvas. How
    can I fix this?

  19. Ana Hill says:

    Thank you!

  20. Pedro Castanheira says:

    Hi Tim! Which colors did you use on this painting? I saw some of them on
    your palette but I can’t identify them all.. Thank you and great job!

  21. Zigo8 says:

    Be the next Picasso by learning some of these basic tips. Splendid tips.

  22. michellecureton says:

    Love your paintings

  23. Jen Dragonfly says:

    Great tutorial. You can also use a glazing medium or gel medium to make
    acrylic paint more translucent. Plus these mediums won’t thin out your
    paint like water does.

  24. saeed das says:

    your camera is too far

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