Acrylic and Oil Layering Tips with Craig Nelson

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  1. Delta888ful says:

    I’ve been doing research and have found mixed opinions about which products are best for thinning oil paint and decreasing its drying time.  I have a can of regular paint thinner but was told it was the worst for oil paints.  I also have a can of Boiled Linseed oil but I hesitate doing anything until I know more from experienced artists such as yourselves.  In the end I’m looking to lesson the drying time a bit, thinning the paint as much as possible, and I don’t want the look to be overly glossy.  Can you please share your thoughts?  Thank you!

  2. Devin Iyer says:

    Really helpful. Thank you : )

  3. Debby Huddleston says:

    oh, I thought you were going to paint oil over acrylics from the title but I just read your intro and was what you did. It is good to know; as I’ve never used oils due to my lungs; but learning that there are alternatives to that problem and want to learn how to smooth out things that I’ve done in acrylic with oils. With that said, I am listening to another artist who said to learn each medium first before jumping right into putting oil over acrylics. So this was good to learn; as I’ve still have to buy oil and supplies if I want to learn how to paint with them. Besides black and white: What are the colors in oil that I should start with to have the three primary colors and what brand?

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