8 Acrylic Painting Techniques | Acrylic Painting

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12 Responses to 8 Acrylic Painting Techniques | Acrylic Painting

  1. PizzaIsGod says:

    0:51 that is not red paint, its orange.

  2. Petite Rose says:


  3. Petite Rose says:


  4. AngelsWings says:

    Its red with an undertone of orange. Plus RGB vs RYB

  5. churak1 says:

    from 1:56 to 1:58 the painting changed

  6. Tudor Ojica says:

    wasted a canvas

  7. Ariane Lavares says:

    Where did you buy your easel

  8. catlover 1 says:

    did u know if u get the canvas wet first then the paint will be alot

  9. Tanya Lockwood says:

    Your easels were very interesting and wondered where you purchased them?

  10. pinkwall88 says:

    I like to put them in order of the color wheel *puts green next to orange
    and yellow not it the middle*

  11. S Brannon says:

    Hi there. I’m wondering, the pallet you are using, can that be washed and

  12. Falashyst says:

    This is not what I expected from the title… but ok

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