5 Tips Rolling Walls. Professional Interior Painting.

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  1. Mike Flex the Arrow says:

    Hi Chris would you recommend wetting your nap with a small amount of water to make it humid before dipping it in the paint? To help it load up.

  2. Brayn Jones says:

    Do you/ or can let your cut ins at your ceiling, baseboards, or corners dry before you roll the walls? Meaning day 1 I do all my cut ins in my room than come back next day and roll walls?

  3. Memo Soto says:

    Tip number2 is wrong always use a new roller each job to get the best finish

  4. Memo Soto says:

    Dont be a chep painter like idaho painter reusing old roll sleeves

  5. Eduardo Jimenez says:

    What kind of rollers is he using?

  6. kerryman 71 says:

    I’ve been painting for quite a few years, not professionally, more just my rental properties, my home etc.  I’m pretty particular in how I do things, and have learned quite a bit from you.  Got a ceiling job coming up, and am going with a 14″ roller.  Want to get used to it rather than go with the 18″ right away.  Thanks for all the advice.

  7. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Another great video Chris! Cool to see a newer version of one of your older videos with added tips and tricks. Your videos are very beneficial. Rock on!

  8. Sudden Eye says:

    Hey Chris, would you please do a video on paint scraping the exterior of the home, stucco and wood facia?

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