5 Tips Painting With HVLP Sprayers

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7 Responses to 5 Tips Painting With HVLP Sprayers

  1. XC Painter says:

    East side locos?

  2. Kreative Painting says:

    Good Work Idaho The Painter and I always like your work

  3. MrMnchstr says:

    Watched the live youtube show, chat was not available in edge or explorer, am I the only one?

  4. Mike Ryckman says:

    What size compresser do you need

  5. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Another awesome video guys!

  6. Michael Barker says:

    Doing my first cabinet refinish next week, and have been watching your cabinetry series. This is timely for me. Purchased my first Capspray 115 on your recommendation. Going to use Sher-Wood filler, Sherwin Williams precat pigmented lacquer and under layer. Nervous as hell, but I’m grateful for you. Thank you for your videos, Chris. You’ve been a tremendous help to me.

  7. Sid Meloche says:

    Chris a ford cup is the best way to test the viscosity of a product especially when using new unfamiliar paints.

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