4 Secret Painting Tips To Paint Stucco

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16 Responses to 4 Secret Painting Tips To Paint Stucco

  1. Adrian Gonzalez says:

    Would this type of stucco your spraying on this video be sprayed twice [2coats] or is once enough? Thanks for all your videos i can honestly say your the only painter i listen to on how to do things!

  2. ouarkie says:

    Chris, what is the chain hanging down when John was demonstrating corners? Thank you

  3. Cesar Moreno says:

    Nice bro”s thanks

  4. Dirty904South says:

    We use Loxon XP for painting stucco in Florida!

  5. Dirty904South says:

    I would roll that with a 18 inch roller!

  6. geo geoo says:

    Don’t be lazy spray and back roll first coat second you only can spray come on guys are you new painters or what lol

  7. glenn ferreira,jr says:

    What about spray and back roll the stucco?

  8. natalie beveridge says:

    The chain was left by layne stayley .a good painter aint use roller on stuko .2 coats spraying will work if u good enough

  9. descargasdenia descargasdenia says:

    Muy buena explicación

  10. southsideshenanigans says:

    Once again a lot of “experts” in the peanut gallery. Theres usually more than 1 one way to get a job done right guys. Techniques may be different from time to time. These guys make a lot of money and it’s because they deliver quality work every time. Think twice before putting your two cents out there. Thanks again for the videos I learn a lot from this channel.

  11. Paint Like A Pro says:

    Great tip on spraying the external corner 🙂

  12. D&G Spray Painters says:

    Have you ever used 3M microspheres in paint.

  13. alwaysrockn2009 says:

    Great video Chris as always. You make we want to be a painter.

  14. painting 101 says:

    Nice!! Hey Chris I just bought a High efficiency tip from titan, and haven’t used it yet, but it’s supposed to be 55% less overspray at 1000psi. It would be interesting if you made a video on it.

  15. Kayinfso Here says:

    Outstanding tips; thanks as always!

  16. debbie the pet lady says:

    where do you live can u come paint my stucco home lol

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