10 Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

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15 Responses to 10 Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners

  1. VIPcassey says:

    I love it Heather !!! I learned a lot creative ideas from you, can I send
    you some of my works so you could give me some tips?

  2. rubaiat hamid says:

    Wierd intro xD

  3. medinalba says:

    ca yoo tell ys the colors and how you did it, the background or
    underpainting Thank you

  4. toadtime123 says:

    I do some drawings of cartoons and love to paint them so I was wondering if
    I should outline it in black after the painting or before

  5. YHaveUForsakenMe says:

    i kinda want to make my own complementary color charts now. lol. whenever i
    mix, I’ll improvise in the palette and then i can never recreate exactly
    what i did later.

  6. Sophie Whitaker says:

    I subbed :D

  7. John Hook says:

    Embrace the mean… Now paint!

  8. aseel alghazzee says:

    wow wonderful

  9. Tyler Graves says:

    as an experienced artist, the biggest thing I’d recommend is to try new
    things. never be afraid to try all mediums and painting on anything you
    can. don’t be afraid of buying canvas. I buy canvas cheaper than that panel
    you use, michaels has 70 percent off canvas once a month.

  10. Adriano Sarmento says:

    Keep it up and quit the weird intro. Focus on info. you are pretty, it
    makes people want to watch you ! ;-)

  11. Cat Woman says:

    Hi Heather, I’m not a beginner but I thought your tips were really great!!!
    I love seeing people get excited about doing art. Rock on!

  12. ARES GaddaWar says:

    I’m looking for reminders of techniques I used to use because I’ve been
    doing Vectors, Inked Illustration more regularly. Thanks for asking.

  13. Stephanie Ortiz says:

    Another fun tip is using medium to create washes, it gives a lot of body to
    the colors and the colors glide on really smooth.

  14. Cherie s says:

    your intro – boom! awesome:D

  15. Cherie s says:

    yes ma’am loosen up! so important have faith and get the basic shapes and
    values and then carve out 😉 layers layers layers

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