Painting contractors paint the exteriors and interiors of structures like buildings for residential and commercial properties. There are some important things that you need to consider when looking for a professional painter. This article discusses the things you should look for in a painting contractor, what you need to know before hiring the services of a painting contractor, and where to find a professional painter.


Always hire the services of a professional painter for all your large-scale painting project. Hiring a professional painter saves you the regrets of poor workmanship and extravagant project costs. Check out for the following important things for a quality paint job.

Vet Your Contractor

Ascertain that the paint contractor has a valid insurance certificate and license to carry out the project. The contractor should also have workers’ compensation insurance for his employees. Next, verify the contractor’s quality of work. Look out for visible signs like the uniformity of paint throughout the whole surface, overspray, splatters, cracks around the window glazing compound, flaking paint, among others. Also, it is helpful to do your research on your painter with regards to follow up on who they are and their reputation. These days you can ask people on your local Facebook page of local painters in the area. This site could be an example of where you could find lots of different social media sites on this company:¬†aboutus.com


Prior to discussing the contract, it is extremely important to know how these companies have related to previous clients. The Better Business Bureau is helpful with this information. Yelp is a great page for reviews of local businesses. Check this Facebook page to get a feel for what customers could say about a particular company. Have your painter commit himself in a written document to use specified materials and follow standard procedures in delivering your project at a specified price. Give more consideration to the exterior painting, being more involving to execute. Also, the painter should be clear on the quality paint that he will use. Don’t be a victim of unscrupulous contractors who may charge you exorbitantly for inferior paints.

Quality Of Material

Ensure that the painter uses oil, latex, and water based paints in the appropriate locations, following the standard application procedures. The paints, as well as other painting materials, should be high quality and from reliable manufacturers. With regards to picking out the color here is an article entitled: “5 Tips to Remember to Pick Out Your Paint Color.”

Safety Procurers

The contractor should adhere to all the safety procedure relating to the painting trade like using a drop cloth to secure the painting area. Also, he should ensure that the working area is spotlessly clean before and after work.


Finding a reliable professional painting contractor can be a challenging task. The search requires a lot of patience and due diligence. The first step in finding a painter is to ask around. You can get quality referrals from contacts like real-estate agents and friends. Make you sure all the potential contractors are licensed and insured. After compiling a list of all the painters, go through their individual websites and gather as much information as possible about them. Next, make a shortlist of three of the best painting contractors as per your search. Finally, invite these contractors for an interview before settling on the most suitable one for your project.

Bids are an alternative way of getting a qualified painter for your project. Make a bid document to be filled by all interested contractors. Secondly, evaluate all filled bid documents taking into account important factors like the bid amount, proposed project time frame, contractor’s project execution history, technical personnel, and the list of equipment. Choose the contractor with the highest score in these core areas.
Ensure that the contractor is offering a warranty to take care of any damages within the defects liability period.


You should take note of the following things when hiring a paint contractor.

Painting Project May Seem Expensive

Painting materials are very affordable. The cost of labor is what makes painting expensive. You can do small painting jobs by yourself and commit larger projects to painter contractors to cut on costs.

You Need To Undertake Intensive Preparation Work

Painters task is to paint. You will be responsible for peripheral tasks like arranging and re-arranging furniture before and after the painting is done. Discuss such unrelated tasks with your contractor beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings.
Also, you have to do an intensive research to find the most suitable paint contractor. As discussed above, find a quality painter through a competitive bidding process or through referrals.

Finishes And Colors

Professional painting contractors will ask you about your preferred finishes and colors. Also, they will suggest for you the best brand of each of the colors to be used in the painting project.

Staying informed thought the whole phase of the project key to having the best painting touch for your property. Ask questions and consult widely in case you are not sure about anything.